Are you thinking thoughts or repeating behaviors that don't serve you? Have you tried to stop or quit something harmful and have been unable to do it? Are you in pain or are feeling anxious and overwhelmed? Do you feel powerless to change certain parts of your life? If you answered yes to any of these, you are not alone… and you've come to the right place.

Hypnosis is a powerful skill available to almost all human beings. Our purpose as a Clinical Hypnosis practice is to take you to a state of laser like concentration and profound physical relaxation. This will lead to the ability to connect with your subconscious mind and there we will help you to tap into the power to manifest what you truly desire. Working with your higher consciousness we can quiet negative ego, change disabling perceptions and guide you to empowering beliefs. We will implant suggestions after working with you on your goals that will work subliminally as you go about your day. You will begin to see results from your decisions and actions.

The End Result will be the ability to create the life you truly wish to live! SUCCESS, JOY, PEACE, ABUNDANCE and LOVE can be yours. You have the power to eliminate unhealthy habits, change unsuccessful relationships and life circumstances, become the person you choose to be and create success and fulfillment in your life.

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Our Testimonials

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"Several years ago I was having several health problems and a lot of anxiety about the future. Alexis was giving a workshop in Louisville, Ky. And a couple of my friends convinced me to go with them. By the end of the workshop the following day I felt a new life was possible and with the recordings Alexis sent of my session with her I was able to change the things that were keeping me from being healthier. I lost weight and started doing my art again. My life truly changed for the better."
Sheila Corydon, Indiana
"I went to see Alexis for weight control. She immediately saw that I needed more than weight control. I needed to feel better about myself. The recording she gave me is perfect. She has a really calming voice that makes me relax and really listen to her. I have been losing weight and I definitely feel better about myself!"
Jane Orlando, FL

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Alexis Brannon is a Certified Clinical  Hypnotist and Certified Instructor for medical practitioners in hypnosis.. She is not a mental health practitioner and does not provide medical or psychological services or counseling through Brannon Hypnosis Center. 


Alexis will request medical clearance or psychological clearance before working with any client receiving psychological care or experiencing serious medical issues.

Users of this site and clients should always refer to a licensed mental health professional for any issues relating to mental  health and well-being.


Results are individual and vary with each client. Specific outcomes may not occur and are not guaranteed or implied, nor can they be considered typical.

All clients of Brannon Hypnosis Center should be eighteen years of age or older. Consents for training will be requested before the first session.