What is Epigenetics and Why do I care?

After the scientists Watson and Crick discovered DNA many believed we had finally discovered the “secret of life.” Ever since we have been taught that our destiny is in our DNA. It’s our excuse for negative habits, our explanation of extraordinary human beings, the basis of research for illnesses of all kinds and the answer to many questions about “who am I?”

BUT does genetics really have all of the answers or even the most powerful ones?

Genetics can tell us many things like why we have green eyes, where red hair and , ·. freckles come from and if we are prone to certain diseases or disorders. However,  as in my case, this is not the total answer.

My family members rarely live longer than sixty years. This has included great grandparents, grandparents, my mother and father, aunts and uncles, cousins… and so you get the picture. Most died a sudden death from massive coronary occlusion with little history or warning.

You won’t be surprised that at the age of forty I began to fret. I had been practicing anesthesia for ten years at that time and knew “the score.” The cardiologist I consulted advised me to enjoy my life now because with my family history it wouldn’t be a long one.

That was many years ago and I did in fact begin to live as though there was no tomorrow. I worked hard, loved and treasured my child, travelled to places I wanted to see, and had fun! Then one day I woke up and it was dawning on me that I wasn’t following the family pattern. I might just live to be old so I’d better save some money!

I had also developed an interest in the phenomena of my ancestry. I began the study of molecular biology and segued into quantum physics. I eventually found a new field, Epigenetics. This is the study of influences on who we are outside of genetics.

For instance it answers questions genetics cannot like: how do identical twins with the same genetic patterns differ and not have the same illnesses, how can people with multiple personality disorder be diabetic while in one personality and totally healthy in another? How do we come from one zygote at fertilization and yet have such a diversity of cells? Why do I with my family history look younger than others my age, enjoy excellent health, amazing energy and still have the ability to travel, have fun and seek new adventures?

Epigenetics is the study of both the physical and non-physical environment we inhabit. Humans pass traits through many generations and some cannot be explained by our understanding of physical inheritance. Our ancestors influence who we are by the way they exercised, what they ate, AND how they thought and believed. Many of these factors DO NOT pass through DNA.

Hang on, more to come.

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