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Change Your Life

“The two greatest mysteries of all time are the mind and the Universe”
~ Michio Kaku. Quantum Physicist

The subconscious mind is where our perceptions and beliefs create the actions and decisions that create our reality.

Beginning before birth we are absorbing information and data to our developing brain. It is stored in the subconscious and this information that we continue to absorb throughout life becomes our BELIEF. Through this process we learn how to live and form our PERCEPTIONS of our world and ourselves.

These Perceptions and Beliefs located in our Subconscious mind are the basis of our DECISIONS and ACTIONS generated through the Conscious mind.

This is the process we use to CREATE OUR REALITY.

In order to create the End Results, we truly desire it is necessary to Change our Mind. Because the information stored in our subconscious is the basis of our Beliefs and Perceptions, in order to change our Reality, we must change those Beliefs and realize new Perceptions.

This is the purpose of Hypnosis consultation and training with Brannon Hypnosis Center. This amazing tool can be yours to use for any End Result you wish to create. Through imagination and the power of your subconscious mind you can Change Your Mind and Change Your Life.

Our Services

Our passion is to teach communication techniques through sound, light, vibration and suggestion, to mention a few, and empower the changes in the life you seek. For instance, the alleviation of anxiety, the reshaping of physical shape and health through weight loss, reduction of chronic pain through sensory changes in the brain, improvement in sports skills, alleviating sleep disorders and improved relaxation, changes in behaviors impacting health and more. The End Result will be the ability to create the life you truly wish to live

  • Classroom Training Healthcare Providers

    Courses for healthcare providers online with certification. Limit 10 students per offering on-site with certification.

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  • Online Training

    Classes for General Public and Clients after initial self-hypnosis training sessions. Enhance and utilize learned skills for personal enhancement.

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  • Sports Enhancement Skills

    Sports is 50% Mental. Yogi Berra Focus Concentration Condition Mental and Physiological Response. Relieve Anticipatory Anxiety Enhance Confidence

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  • Stress Anxiety Fear Phobias

    Whether mild or severe these issues can affect every aspect of our lives. Hypnosis along with other interventions such as EMDR, sound and light, vibration and suggestion are found to be effective in a

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  • Success Confidence

    Success and Confidence arise from the subconscious mind. By using suggestion to relieve negative beliefs that lead to fear of failure, fear of success, low self-esteem and other barriers you can attai

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  • Pain Management

    Hypnosis has the ability to alter the psychological and physiological manifestations of pain. Let us teach you how to live a more peaceful and comfortable life.

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  • Weight Loss

    The incidence in the United States of obesity is now 70 million people! This is almost 1/3 of our country. There are many factors involved and hypnosis can address many of them. Our program also offe

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    Alexis Brannon is a Certified Clinical  Hypnotist and Certified Instructor for medical practitioners in hypnosis.. She is not a mental health practitioner and does not provide medical or psychological services or counseling through Brannon Hypnosis Center. 


    Alexis will request medical clearance or psychological clearance before working with any client receiving psychological care or experiencing serious medical issues.

    Users of this site and clients should always refer to a licensed mental health professional for any issues relating to mental  health and well-being.


    Results are individual and vary with each client. Specific outcomes may not occur and are not guaranteed or implied, nor can they be considered typical.

    All clients of Brannon Hypnosis Center should be eighteen years of age or older. Consents for training will be requested before the first session.