Past Life Regression

Past life regression encompasses going back in time in the hypnotic state to earlier periods in either this life or perhaps in a previous life. It is not necessary for a person to “believe” in reincarnation in order to experience this phenomenon and your subconscious will choose whether you will or will not regress.

Information gathered during these states is helpful in addressing goals and desires you wish to attain in the present and in the future. We use these techniques for results in chronic pain, weight loss, addictions such as smoking, attaining success and confidence and sports enhancement as well as goals in the present.

Future Progression is an amazing tool for looking into the future and creating the End Results you envision for your future self.  Progression is also powerful in the present for goals such as weight loss, addictions such as smoking, attaining success and confidence, and sports enhancement as well as goals in the present.

It gives you the tools to set the path in the present for this future to manifest. As with life regression, your subconscious mind will choose its direction.

Suggestions will be given by your hypnotist to ensure that you do not experience any event that is frightening or harmful to you in the past or the future.

We will not delve into memories that are repressed unless working in conjunction with a mental health professional.


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    Alexis Brannon is a Certified Clinical  Hypnotist and Certified Instructor for medical practitioners in hypnosis.. She is not a mental health practitioner and does not provide medical or psychological services or counseling through Brannon Hypnosis Center. 


    Alexis will request medical clearance or psychological clearance before working with any client receiving psychological care or experiencing serious medical issues.

    Users of this site and clients should always refer to a licensed mental health professional for any issues relating to mental  health and well-being.


    Results are individual and vary with each client. Specific outcomes may not occur and are not guaranteed or implied, nor can they be considered typical.

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